Our activities

Hiking and treks

Kasbah de Ouirgane organizes, with a guide, on foot or by mule, hiking and trekking around the Kasbah, in nature pure, in the middle of the forest, on the mountain, at the edge of the dam lake, or to some Berber douars nestled at the top of the mountain. Tours from a few hours to a few days, with meals and overnight stays Homestay, the ballad can go to the Toubkal massif for the most reckless, those who want to climb the highest peak of the Atlas: 4167 meters of altitude. (Download General Information)

Cultural excursions

The region is known by some historical and cultural sites that are worth the detour. The most famous is the Tinmel Mosque, a chief work of the 12th century Almohad dynasty. Kasbah of Ouirgane organizes the visits. (Download General Information) . Marrakech is 60 km away for those who want to spend a day there and return, the evening, dinner and sleep in Kasbah Ouirgane.

Cultural excursions

* The Jewish sanctuary of Douar Anraz: there rests the body of the saint Rabbi Haim Ben Diouane. A place of pilgrimage, in May of each year, of a Moroccan Jewish community that comes from the four corners of the world
* The visit of the Tinmel Mosque, a masterpiece of architecture Almohad of the 12th century. * Ijoukak and Talat N'yakoub, 2 Berber villages, the souk takes place on Monday
* Kasbah of Goundafi, a fortress built on the Tizi pass Does not exist in 1865 * The weekly souk of the Asni village, it takes place on Saturday, it is the largest souk in the region, 15 km from Ouirgane.

Solidarity tourism

The manager, besides the clientele, loves the mountains of the High Atlas and the tranquility of the place, also encourages solidarity tourism. The village women of Ouirgane would like to practice some activities income generators, some are already weaving Berber carpets and they need support to improve their production. The village children, especially girls, need support school to not drop out of school and go to work as little good ones in the cities; the young people of the village, they need recreational areas to usefully spend their time. We would like the tourist staying at Kasbah de Ouirgane to be stuck to the local population and help bring growth socioeconomic and cultural of this village, he will make his stay as useful as it is pleasant.